How is it done?

We love words, press releases of course, which we’ll use to sell in your stories, and quotes for those frustrating opportunities where you know what you want to say but don’t know how to say it, our writing team, all previously professional journalists can cover it all even your newsletters, internal and external magazines, website copy, speeches, presentation and…

Placed features! you’d be surprised just how many features and regular columns in key trade media are written by us on clients’ behalf, we place the coverage and we write the copy, to style of course so it’ll be our secret

We also love pictures, your copy or ours, you name it, we can design it.

Not only can we copywrite and design your ads, we can also advise on media placement and buy space on your behalf, often with considerable discounts that are always passed on in full. We’ll ensure your spend is maximized by getting enhanced editorial wherever possible

how is it done

What’s More

  • social networking coverage | facebook, twitter, myspace – are your properties where your consumers so often are ?
  • product placement | consumer competitions | promotions | we’ll secure your space and deal with logistics
  • character appearances & tours | from planning to implementation including organising local media coverage
  • talent management | whether it’s a big name star or the client themselves, we work to raise profile in the most appropriate way
  • event management | licensee meeting ? | product preview or party ? | we can organise your whole event or just a portion